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About FacialVerify

FacialVerify is a state-of-the-art API that allows you to easily integrate powerful facial recognition technology into your apps. Whether you're building an attendance system or looking to create secure authorisation methods for your payment applications, this API is your go-to service.

FacialVerify is designed with simplicity and affordability in mind. With just a single reference image, you can now recognise faces in a wide range of use cases. May it be slightly blurry images, dim lighting, expressions not commonly seen, or photos taken from a distance, this API can instantly recognise the person in the image. We have also optimised our algorithm so it uses very little processing power. Not only does this make FacialVerify the perfect choice for real-time facial recognition, but it also ensures low prices.

Because of our highly accurate algorithms optimised for high-speed performance at low prices, we are the ideal choice for any developer looking to integrate facial recognition in your applications. Whether you are a large business, a new startup or an individual developer creating a product, FacialVerify is the ideal choice for face recognition in your application.

Join our waitlist as we prepare to launch in June 2023. We are offering free access for one year to our first 20 subscribers, and exciting offers and discounts. 

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